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Smart USB Touch Screens for Sensors and Controls

We are building end-user app programmable touchscreen enabled USB component products for use in laboratory, scientific, control, measurement and OEM applications, for release in Q3 2015.

Would your project be more effective with integration of a USB-based touch screen device with sensor and control I/O? Get it running in days, not months!

Our Decaf board kits are complete, ready-to-run, fully licensed USB building block devices. Decaf boards are USB Human Interface Devices (HID) and use standard Windows drivers.

All the hardware, software, sample code, documentation and support you need to get your project running quickly are included.

Read a white paper on Building a USB Smart Touch Screen Gadget.

Read more information on Decaf and PiXCLe...

See the Decaf and PiXCLe FAQ.

See the Preliminary Decaf-1 Product Brochure

See the Preliminary Decaf-2 Product Brochure

See the Preliminary PiXCLe Product Brochure.

PiXCL 11 Imaging Sensor Control Suite,
PiXCLe and PiXCLrt

PiXCL 11 ISC is the next major commercial release of the PiXCL language, and is due Q3 2015. It requires Windows 7 or later. Improvements over PiXCL 10 include additional support for ...

PiXCLe is a command subset of PiXCL 11 and is embeddable in ARM Cortex based systems. The first release is in our Decaf boards, and is supplied integrated with a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) 

More information...

A porting service to hardware similar to the Decaf boards will be available later in 2015.

PiXCL 10 Advanced Imaging Suite

PiXCL 10 AIS is the free community version of the PiXCL language. Support and development continues, and user suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

PiXCL 10 AIS ( see the development history here ) is a complete suite of scanner and digital camera / webcam image acquisition and advanced image processing APPLICATION development tools, designed for the imaging professional or power user like you.

Based on an easy-to-learn high level interpreted language, or built as an EXE with the included compiler, PiXCL requires that you enjoy or at least like programming.

More information...


USB Video Endoscopes

Get into those hard-to-reach places in your garage, workshop, lab or on-site at a customer! See what you're missing, close up!

All PiXCL software requires Windows 7 or later. PiXCL runs on Windows 8 We offer complete ready-to-run imaging applications that include USB cameras. All supplied hardware is fully supported and the software is written and maintained in Canada.

Get a close-up video view of what's really happening with your equipment, on a laptop or notebook. Save video and snapshots, email them directly to your office or the customer. All models provide a video overlay that you can customise to display your business name, logo and contact information.

Endoscope-3 info

Endoscope-2 info       Endoscope-1 info

Just want the software for your USB Endoscope obtained elsewhere?

What about running on the Mac?

Read more information on our video Endoscopes...

Read about Automotive Applications

Read about Mechanical Service Applications

Command support is built into PiXCL 11, due in Q2 2015. Build your own video display and capture application, including touch screen support.

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Signing Windows 8 Drivers

Creating animated GIFs with WIC

 libdecodeqr instability fix 

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Kinect Camera and DirectShow

3Com Home Connect Win7 Driver

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