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PiXCL™ end-nodes

PiXCL™ end-nodes host a myriad consumer and commercial grade sensors and controls. Classics such as temperature and humidity to exotics such as magnetometers, gyroscopes, strain gauge, and GPS.

LoRa® and LoRaWAN™

PiXCL™ end-nodes communicate using the Semtech® radio protocol known as LoRa®. End-nodes join a LoRaWAN™ and transfer sensor data wirelessly, up to 25km in a rural environment and up to 3km in an urban environment. PiXCL™ end-nodes have an expected battery life of 10 years.


Analytics involves the creation of a model, training the model and then presenting the model with PiXCL™ sensor data to make predictions.

PiXCL™ Automation Technologies - Products

End-node Class A

This prototype end-node has three sensors, magnetic field, illuminance and pyroelectric.

End-node Class A

In addition to the temperature and humidity sensors, there are four digital outputs, three with LEDs and the fourth with a relay, able to control 220VAC at 5A.


This Gateway operates in US Hybrid mode, with eight 125kHz channels, one 500kHz channel and a GPS.

Prototype Development

Hardware, firmware and software:

  • End-nodes
  • Gateways
  • Sensor interfaces
  • WAN software
  • User interfaces (HTML, JavaScript)

PiXCL™ has the technology and expertise to design, develop and build End-nodes, Gateways and Applications for wireless IoT.

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